highs and lows

Another day, another drive..we arrived in the town and when I walked in the trailer I could smell the melted plastic and brake in the truck..It was that strong of a smell .Really ? Are you serious ? It was Fresia's birthday ! There was shopping , many things to prepare and hoping the weather would be kind because Fresia's lovely friends and I were throwing her a surprise party !! First things first I did my tent raising tour and a radio talking thing because "the platinum voice of the circus , John Moss " was broke down !! fuel injectors gone rogue in the old shop truck !! I did very great radio , I will admit ..
Next stop off to Ford !! I am sad and cry about this . How the f___ are we supposed to live and work and save if money we don't even have has to pay for these things ? You know why people turn to crime and do desperate things  ? They do this because they are at the end  of their rope . I am just going to seriously commit to playing the lottery because that is the only solution . However , on the bright ( and I use this word comically ) side .My truck has a class action lawsuit against it ,the 6.0 liter truck is in trouble !! I might get $12.00 .I am going to do my own lawsuit . We are sort of victims in this world of big oil . If I tried to sell a product that was this crappy I would end up in jail ,but Ford just makes a profit..
On the extremely bright and shiny side of our  day was Fresia's surprise party !! it was her people and a great fun messy time was had by all !!! Thank you everyone !! especially the "clique" !!
She had a very wonderful time , was very happy and said it was a great birthday party . At the end of the day when your child and or loved ones are very happy  isn't that all that really matters ?
 lovely ladies
 grown ups
 cake love
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