show me a kindness

Every once in a while life takes over and sitting at my computer writing about things seems indulgent .We are doing circus in the flooded Illinois and Missouri plains . Some times lots are under water or so muddy that  it is impossible to show on them . You see we work for 38 weeks , about 210 different towns , 245 days of shows and 508 shows . It isn't like we play 10 or even 15 towns for extended periods , we travel and show all over the country . We are self sufficient , we are not " non-profit " , there are no huge corporate donors or underwriters . We are traditional circus earning our way with ticket and popcorn sales . Back to the mud and finding alternative grounds or making alternative circus .I lost track of the challenges of the week..the highlights were performing in the open air ,one day we parked on a hill/road and all walked and walked to the tent .Not getting stuck is always nice . We have had to use wreckers to move the big big rigs (cha ching $$ ouch ) ...When life is perfect after a slight hardship we relish in "normal". We showed every day and didn't miss .I have been taking snapshots of some backstage camaraderie as the days roll into each other ..We are lucky little ducks that we  get to live our  lives in this Americana Fellini-esque magical existence.
 the green mile

 web sweeties
 Fresia and Uncle Sam
 waiting for one's cue
 Carolyn and the gang , 4 dogs, 2 llamas and 2 goats
 some of the rest of the gang
working on the enchanting
dentist ,teeth and Ike the dog..