Frank's place

Last year around this time Fresia ,Arwen Danny ,Tavana and I did the walking tour of Frank's architecture...This year we went on the home and studio tour !! We went inside ! I paid $5 extra to take photo's "for personal use only " . I loved so many individual things. I really love the natural light.The quietness and the luxury to experience the outside visually while being sheltered . Architecture is such an important art .The "wright"  space can make or break you .Some fun things he did was to paper the walls with painters canvas and then paint it. I love how he used sawdust in the cement floors to make them soft and kind on the legs.
I believe this is a Louis( form follows function ) Sullivan inspired curved sky light..
The high back chairs in the dining room create a room within a room
 Terra cotta ,old and new
 my favorite space , the butler's pantry. I love the wooden , sloped . grooved board that flows into the sink.
 the light goes through the overhang and naturally lights the bath
I would love to have been a drafter at these tables