On my very first circus I met my friend Meg . We have stayed friends all these years .
 Meg and Sean came to Chicago to be with their daughter Aerial and watch her perform in the Midnight Circus .This was bonus because we got a visit as well . Well Marshall didn't get a big visit with Sean ­because he didn't want to interrupt the Clown bonding session. I have decided that it is a hard knock life on the BIG SHOW because those clowns have very deep painful wounds and must talk , kind of like group therapy

through my white wine haze I remembered I wanted a I grabbed the camera..Shelby was the photog and Marshall and Fresia were getting ready for beddy bye ..seeing as how we had a 5.30am call .In conclusion when your friends and family come to visit it gives you a shot..and Fresia is furious at me for using the term beddy bye..
from left to right ( me, Book , Meg , Brett , Aerial , Steve and Sean )