the other day I was warming up and who pops backstage? Jim Zych. He is currently a side show owner.What a happy surprise!His squeeze is amazing photog named Lori Ballard.He has worked high wire,elephants and is in the sweetest National Geographic documentary.
Tonight as I ventured back to the big show after my rv outing, I met up with Doug Terranova and Neeche.
He was driving west on I-20, I was driving east.We met and dined lavishly at the flying J exit 3 in Louisiana.
Doug is like a movie star, he does opera. He's a Green Bay Packer fan, a major animal guy, does good Samaritan civic things,rescues stranded aliens and has fought fires.
Many moons ago, my stepson Brooks spent a day with Doug and his animals,I remember it being a very great day.