town dog

Sunday May 10, 2009

Today this very good natured doggie found us.
The kids named her Molly.
Upon investigation we found out it was a he.
The kids asked me to take a picture and then print it.
They wanted to have a flyer because they needed to find its rightful owner and they know I am a sucker and don't mind using a ton of ink to print this sort of thing.
The general consensus is this is one cool dog. I personally like this dog.

Building is lowish but I could do a 1/2 drop on the fabric , no swinging on trapeze because of tile things in the ceiling but that's ok I do trapeze routine "b", everything static lots of circle the bars and some extra tricks.

Ian aka "E" owner of the grey ghost and honey of Fiorella aka "Fee" is also the candy man.