how old you?

Saturday May 9 ,2009

Dear Diary,

Today a woman came back into the building to buy balloons. The show was over and I was setting my mouthpiece. She said to me sheepishly, " I just have to ask you, how old are you ?". I said , "how old do I look ?" (side note, I do freak out about my age, body , teeth, hair,shoulders, feet,stomach, boobs all the time) .She says, "Well I know you are over 40". I am crushed, I am doomed. She than says," My mom said, " she ain't no 20 year old and honey you are amazing, see I know you ain't 40 cause I am 40,"
So I tell her how old I am and I tell her my friends say things like that too, but maybe if it could get me on Oprah and I could make a living for the rest of my life being Jack La lane that would be ok and thank you for the compliment, you are very kind.

So Oprah if you are out there, give me a call....

The building was 18'-10" I used the green extension ladder , choked span sets AND I was able to do a 1 & 1/2. Yesterday was high enough to do a 2 &1/2. Yesterday I got major stuck the first show for 1 minute how insane!, in the air wrapped up in fabric trying to escape.