Red River

Wednesday May 13, 2009

Red River the river of blood.

Today while driving to the town I decided Black Beauty needed an oil change and I needed some beauty salon.
Using my trusty Treo I made an appointment for both. I got to the lot and investigated the rigging du jour, easy one ladder, same architect as yesterday. I unhooked Black Beauty and drove like a maniac to the Ford place. I noticed a horrible metal sound like my wheels were coming off.
Oh yay I said to myself, what now ?? I got the truck situated and as I hopped into the van that was giving me a lift to the beautifying parlour I noticed I had left one tow bar hooked up and it had dragged 1.1 miles behind making horrible metal sounds.
The photo of the Ford truck is how they replace the high pressure fuel pump! Pretty intense!! one of her many surgeries.

Oil is "changed", hair is "done",rigging is "up".