June 17, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today was hot and lovely.Three easy shows, no major casualties.

When you work in water and have something that needs to be wrapped for support, nothing helps like duct tape.

After the shows I did a pilates/ yoga class. It was pretty good. I personally need the heat from Bikram to stretch out my hip flexors. Once you do yoga in 100f +- nothing compares...

The divers watched Fresia, they asked her to play Frisbee and to clean the toilet so they could give her a nice swirly,all in good clean fun.They are really sweet to her.They all torture each other in a fun sibling esque way, it is rather cute. Fresia says ," Mom, I know you are going to take their side!"
can't we all play nice?

The divers cooked ribs and some bow ties with a vodka chicken asparagus sauce. We all watched this horrible unfunny movie .

We went en mass to Martha's for some dandee ice cream.

I have decided my nose is horrible and crooked and has to be re broken or straightened or something. boo hoo