hair hang

Monday June 29, 2009

I am feeling more like myself.I look less like Friday the 13th people.

I shall be a shipmate Ruby in a couple of days, I am so on the mend.

Today I did a few pikes up the web,hung from my trapeze and hardly took any vicoden,yay

We had a very awesome field trip! Abby ,Fresia and moi drove to the Cole Show! Abby's very wonderful boyfriend ,Joe, met us there!!
MR JW Pugh gave us tickets!!thank you thank you Elvin Bale. I love that show!! So many friends.I showed off my war wounds had some fleeting wonderful visits.We all totally dug the show.
Two women Petya and Vicky did the most amazing hair hang act!! Those girls were smokin! Great ground movement dance before the act,cool hair hang stuff, great energy,excellent costumes!!

Fresia found two boys she likes at the show.Especially the 14 year old boy that rides the motorcycle in the globe of death!!He also had a moustache growing in.yikes

Everything was correct.. the dog act was very cute.We liked the camels and the beautiful belly dancin girls .I saw my girlfriends Libby, Viola and Nina.The prop crew and the pace of the show as always inspired me.There was a five women fabric display sigh...the high wire was poetic,something about a group of people who so rely on each other to caravan across a wire this very beautiful to me.As I watched the canon drive into position I got a little sad remembering how everything used to be..