Roy Huston

we lost a friend Roy Huston.
My heart goes out to Yuka, his sweet wife.
Roy was drummer, a very very very excellent builder of illusions,a magician, a philosopher and a friend.
He had an amazing performing history and was cool and fun and we will miss his stories and him. I don't know if I can even go to Gibtown very sad.No Scott or Bobby or Roy. I think I would cry the whole time.
When Marshall had the band on L.E. Barnes in 2001, Roy came and played for the first 2or 3 weeks.
I personally did magic with him a quite a few times.His illusions were the best ,he had the most amazing light bulb thing,his crystal casket was intense.Everything he built was quite good.Some illusions are like wal-mart ,his were like Sak's Fifth Avenue.
They had a very cool magic house..say no more say no more
Roy and Yuka were some of my first circus friends I met them in 1987 at Bunni and Janek Bartoks
to Roy and showbiz and everything good