only fools talk about the weather

June 18, 2009

only fools talk about the weather

never trust anyone with a mullet

while performing today my fabric got very wet! it was very difficult to do wraps because it was so heavy!my hair got stuck the first show! I did a ridiculous and stupid performance.I am going to use a pulley and pulley my fabric up right before I perform and then drop it immediately after, so it won't get so drenched! our dryer in the green room is not working so my costumes smell moldy and stinky.

we played "I spy" while waiting...

there was a visit to the candy store

I told stories and some people jumped in adding there own chapters..

making up stories while waiting for "something" is entertaining and fun AND stops us from talking about religion, politics and money HA

for example, once upon a time there were a bunch of pirates , they were in a green room weighing their options blah blah blah

we loves jelly bellies and we loves the new reese m & m's