the big show

Last night was the "Show folks Circus", this show tends to be a bit longish and sometimes....I don't have the correct I won't try to express anything too emotional about the actual show.

The greatest most amazing part of this evening is to see, to speak ,to enjoy friends,coworkers and foes (whose foe quality evaporated as soon as we locked eyes).Some people I see only one time a year, here at this show!! some in Evansville, so that would be twice a year , let's not split hairs.
There is lots of hugging, it is a hug fest of a night.Wendy B gave her seal of approval on Sladek's costume.

Marshall bailed on me ,so once again it was a Fresia/Me adventure.

Fresia had big times with her friends, she even hit the dance floor at the club.

Much to her relief I did not make my normal spectacle dancing "wild, like a freak mom! everyone else dances so nice!! but you , you !! mom, can't you blend in?"

I was dubbed the Doctor because I was part of the medical team who removed some stitches from some one's face in Evansville, I modeled Dick Ko's leather bracelets etc., bought an agent a drink! he said I was slowly paying off my commission, was told my driving still sucks, had some great gossip, enjoyed some babies and some babies to be,jaws were dropping, tales were told..
I did hear some great stories..the tweens hung out in the bathroom

I wonder what time the club closed..?