City Museum

By day I am at this very excellent museum that houses many things, one amazing thing is Jessica Hentoff's circus school and performing space, where I have the pleasure of teaching.At this place people/kids learn and perform Russian bar, juggling, diablos, aerial stuff of all descriptions, they are funny, they unicycle, tumble, tight wire, contortion, hula hoop, they walk on huge globes, they dance, they ride horses! these persons are strong and fearless.It is a pleasure to be a coach/teacher/whatever that word is.

Fresia would love this place, there is an aquarium, a shoelace factory, amazing slides, a Ferris wheel, mazes,,fun fun fun. The Ferris wheel is bolted on the top of the building and it works outside in the fresh air on top of the building. There is a big praying mantis on the roof and a hippo I believe.
Art is being made here and there is art to look at. I don't really have any good ladylike words for this sweet place. I need to investigate it further