chef and sous chef

Lauren and Lana, two of my true friends ..what is a friend ?? a friend is someone you take to the airport when it is a little far ,you scrub their ceiling with a magic erase , cook them something amazing and do all the dishes , drive and save them when they are broke down on the highway and let them borrow your socket set for 4 years at least ha ha oops , let them stay with you in times of catastrophy , buy them a venti breve latte from Starbucks and a silver cup and give them flowers just cuz or a fruit salad from Publix or some bowtie pasta with feta from Morton's and you don't get mad when they eat it all. Friends say thank you , friends do nice things for each other, friends listen ,friends respect each other.

"Friends make secrets and secrets make friends" well that is what Fresia says.