this holiday action is brutal

Sarasota, Florida December 26, 2009

if I eat 1 more thing I will explode.. I think I have only eaten 15 cookies this whole festive time. Tonight was the big party at Kay's. I finally sampled some of Derek's legendary Gumbo.I ate dinner before the event, thinking I would not eat there and just sensibly sip white wine. HA HA HA, I was wrong. These deserts..this pumpkin torte thing , this scrumptious orange creme cake, this tiramisu and liquor, with tons of Marzipan they called out to me and I succumbed. I am weak.
I left the party at 9.45. Chip told me my game was week.
I have a good reason for such indulgence I saw Julie and Julia last night and am allowing myself fullness and a few nibbles. I was slightly inspired. Elaine and I cooked together the last two nights!! there is nothing more fun then cooking with someone else, especially if one knows one's place. To dance in the kitchen with one's mother and for no one to get hurt is excellent.

Today we visited the new park on Bee Ridge, things to play with and some trails...