Driving to the next town is scary

We get in our trucks and drive . Marshall drives our truck and trailer and he always checks the tire pressure and all the fluids . Marshall left ahead of me. I called Fresia when I saw the Scythian slowly making its way down 495 . I asked if everything was ok . Fresia said no , the truck is shaking . Soon after she said that dad thinks we have a flat . Soon after she said there was an explosion . They pulled over and I pulled off too . The front left tire was flat and the lug nuts were sheared off .it looked super tragic . Fortunately the Kelly Miller rescue rangers saved the day . The tire looks so innocent now but when I pulled up the brakes were on the ground and there was a groove of 40 feet down the highway. No one got hurt . I took Fresia and the doggies to the next town in the bandwagon . We put the dogs in the chain link fence goat pen and I drank some wine and waited for Marshall  . I was happy to see our truck and trailer on the lot !