Rope swing

We arrived in the town before 6 am so we took advantage and did laundry while Fresia did school .School ,bandstand set up and tent raising tour was done by 10 am so we jumped on I-68 and had some family mall time . It turns out the mall was the lot that the Cole Brothers Circus played on in 1998 . Driving into Cumberland concluded many days of long brutal mountain hateful drives .  It was extremely hot this day .  Across the lot was a river and there was a rope swing and I couldn't control myself , It was so fun .  I can't believe I went the whole day before I went in . The river was a delicious and refreshing temperature .A few of us played on the rope swing, some enjoyed wading .I give rope swing  a big thumbs up !! It seems like it has been a long time since I have had that much fun .