summertime and the livin' is easy

There is no rhyme or reason to my writing . I start to write and then others pieces of my lovely life call me to action .If I was a good little blogger I would date my musings ..

this was from the 21 of June
Today we had a nice drive over hill and dale..We are in a sweet town called Weatherly, PA .We were so excited about this town , because on the lot is a spring fed pond . There is also a snack bar with ice cream !! The snack bar is open  but the pond is not !! There has been a drought here and they can't force mother nature ..sooo no swimming on the first day of summer ! ARGGGH
Jeremiah has been doing a splendid job with the cookhouse . Today there were tortellini and Fresia was clicking her heels and made a  "vine" ( a 6 second video app )

 a group of ants looking all velvety and caviar like
 the beautiful pond
the magical meadow

On the bright side my hip feels better I did something crazy in NYC ( on the 14 of June ) . I ran up 4 flights of stairs 2/3 at a time and it was too much for my hip flexors . The other day (12 of June ) we were in a lovely town and there was a chiropractor who was also a sponsor.. A dream come true . A great adjustment and some therapy .

I can't believe the crazy ass driving we have still been doing !! Everyone is a critic.

I am rambling in my diary because I only have a few minutes of quiet time and it takes me a minute to "get my self together " with all my thoughts .