Today the route slip instructed us to wait to be parked and not to drive over the brand new sprinklers .
That is a challenge !! Don't drive on the mine fields, ha ha ha ! Marshall and I were successful at not driving on any sprinklers .We are very professional rule followers .

The show has brought us into NJ .  I love this state . The tax free shopping ,the enthusiastic and bossy crowds , the farm stands..., the fantastic public transportation , the proximity to NYC , so much to enjoy..

Yesterday Spartacus got loose..Fresia and I had the privilege to run .He acts all sheepish when we catch him . He likes to go into fenced in areas ,yesterday was a nice track .What fun we had , sprinting in rubber clogs and slides .

Fresia filled in on web the last few days and I had to mend a pair of shoes for her ever growing self .

We have been able to sleep a little later than usual and the drives have been very easy..tada.. instant happiness ! That is not too much to ask for , is it ?