that flame of life inside us

Some days the activities we do just to get to the ring to perform and play in the circus are so cruel that the little spark gets smothered . To some people that look in from the outside it seems all fun and happy and "ooo you are in the circus ..." . It is that all kinds of wonderful however the lack of sleep , the long drives ,the price of fuel ,the walking in high heels on unknown terrain ,taking pratfalls on rocks many times unintentional , the breakdowns both nervous and mechanical are taxing . I think everyone who thinks I am whiny should drive up a mountain in a tired truck and then throw a few thousand bucks over the hill and not sleep and then be funny or daring . My favorite is the critics ,the experts who have no understanding of the challenges  that these remarkable individuals who make these journeys and the actually circus that gets robbed by towns with fees and inspectors..before we can even talk artistic and ho hum . We have to book the town , advertise ,get to the town, set up , perhaps many inspectors and $$$, the health and welfare of all.. The actual glory of the show is
the sweet punctuation mark at the end of the day ,every day for 38 weeks .
David P .Orr and self in the magically lit cookhouse

Don Curtis

 fashiony teens enjoying the fruits of the luncheon
Pat and Keith , members of Free State Clown Alley 30

The last weeks have been sweet with remarkable circus fans who sustain us with their passion and support and had lovely soirees and eats !! thank you ..I really think I had come tot he end of my rope but the Adam Forepaugh- Barry Lubin " Grandma " Tent no. 2 and the John Ringling North 2/Steve and Ryan Tent brought me/us back to life..