a tired tire

The weather report is showing temps in the 70 degree area for the next 5 days...

O joy !! I believe things will start to dry up ..

The other day we were in a town that has a good tire store . The show does business with many of the same merchants year after year . Danny B , always looking at the tires, mentioned one of our tires was sorry looking.. Marshall and I checked it out and lo and behold , it was very sorry and a miracle we made it to the next town .The deal is one doesn't just get a flat tire there is usually expensive damage that comes along . Electric or Hydraulic lines ,or the tire wraps around the axel or you damage the wheel , maybe the trailer floor or wall gets damaged too . In our defense the exposed tire guts were on the ground and it was holding air . We got our new tire and so far all is well in the rubber department .