Easter Bonnet Festival

Here at Kelly Miller Circus we celebrate Easter . People of the faith go to church . The scheduled activities are an Easter Egg Hunt , Easter dinner at a restaurant ( thank you JRN2 ) ,and  the Easter Bonnet Contest .This year I made 8 cute little bonnets , got a group together and we danced around the tables in the restaurant in our silly hats , we had live music thanks to Zefta's mini wifi boom box , Fresia iPhone and Lamont's song choice !! We won first prize for funniest!! Marshall , Fresia , Tavana , Kyle , Emilie , Lamont , Zefta and moi !! The Easter Bonnet Contest is the finale . We get strangers from the restaurant to judge us . Usually more people partake in the fun .

Jacob , most creative !

                                          the 8