On March 22 the mighty 1070 band wagon of the Kelly Miller Circus was retired from service . The band wagon housed the band and the lighting guy during the show and like everything circus was multi purpose hauling
" the back door curtain " , heavy cable for lighting , show lights , sound equipment , ring curb , costumes , hang falls and served as a holding area and dressing / stretching area for the performers .

In honor of the people that played music here . Marshall Eckelman trumpet , Mike Harber drums , Lucky Eddy drums , Miss Vicky gets a mention for enduring and running the computer , Alan Thompson drums , Dan Reynolds drums and tuba ? Bill Reynolds trumpet , Chuck Schlarbaum baritone horn /euphonium , Billy Ray King drums , Tom Tomashak Keyboards , Lou and Lou Ann Ives not sure what they played , Wilma and Jack Wrench keyboard/organ and drums , Dewey Welch drums , Clark Weigle euphonium/keyboards , Betty Moran keyboard/organ , Peggy Null keyboard/organ , the Reynolds family as far as oral history goes were the first band in 1984 when the Rawls ran the show but they were in a different trailer . Different musicians would make guest appearances LLoyd Fengal trumpet , April Zink trumpet , Hippity Hop clarinet , Denis Sherman drums , Steve Treader trombone form Kansas City tried it for a week or so but couldn't take sleeper life . Also thank you lighting guys from Kilowatt ot Javier/Francisco and everyone in between .

This is just a homage to a group of people and the " bandwagon " . Thanks for playing..