Abraham Lincoln practiced law here in this courthouse !

Friday April 25 , 2014 . Mt Pulaski , Illinois .
 Skinny lot , we had to do open air , that means no tent ..Good thing it was a perfect sunny day .
There was this very informative couple who insisted on telling me EVERYTHING we had to do in this town . They were a little INTENSE and very demanding . I was glad they told me about the interesting historical facts even if they slightly stretched the truth .
We walked to the town square and went into one of two remaining courthouses that Abe Lincoln practiced law in .The tour guide didn't get a lot of visitors so he was sure glad to see us . I am a magnet  for people who like to spin a yarn . I have this goofy quality of acting all interested ,which I am and people tell me stories . Marshall and the others left me with the guide but I did learn a thing or two .
This is the best thing I learned , in the days of Abe being a lawyer all the lawyers would go to the courthouses of the county seats . This became a time for a fair !! concessions , etc . The lawyers would hang out around the courthouse and the people looking for lawyers would select a lawyer ( based on looks and reputation ) the lawyer would hear their story and plead their case immediately . The townsfolk would fill the courtroom and be entertained . It would last for 2 days - 2 weeks depending on the amount of mischief and what not . The group or gaggle or leap or pride of lawyers would then make their way to the next county seat . Law and Order has been entertaining the masses for a long time .

interesting business in the town square

rip small family business

show lights taking a day off

Aminaa and Zaya basking in the fresh sunny air