new bandwagon -to be continued

The " new and shiny bandwagon " is functional and being used but still has a few more things to finish it up . A warm dry day for painting would be helpful . I wasn't going to share photos of  #in process#almost done , because people can be so judgy... but there was a lot of work and blood , sweat and tears so share I will .

There are 3 sections .The lighting guy is now in the band section , they have a sliding door  so we can't invade their space .

There is a wardrobe holding , crossover section with closets and storage . during travel props and ropes and cables travel in there .

My favorite section is the stretching and private changing area , we have a little electric heater even . There is room for all of us to quick change . This section is for lights , ring curb etc while traveling .

 This is to the best of my knowledge .Danny Brown and Nic Sourens did most of the carpentry and design work I believe ,Fridman Torales and John Moss did most of electrical . Jim R and John N decided it was high time to upgrade .