adventure time

Good times in the Scythian .Today I will share a shitty story with a happy ending . We ran out of scratchola when the Scythian was at North Dallas RV because our hydraulic jack had done a pratfall and needed to be replaced so that capped off the repair bill. We still had more work to do be done and a very important piece of work was our bathroom floor . It was rotted due to various leaks over the last 12 years. It was a pretty intense project .When you went into the bathroom and got close to the TOILET the floor kind of sagged ( like all the weight was on the holding tank ) so we were sitting on our holding tank !! rut row !! Second of all our holding tank was pretty full , of course we are really close to a beautiful state park but unfortunately we are kind of blocked in . Anyway here is the scenario, holding tank full , floor coming out, crapola fumes wafting thru the trailer , we begged the show guys who dump the port a potties aka donnikers to please dump some of our stuff for a nice tip . Another cavalcade of deliciousness !! As the dumping commenced something went awry ..a lot of bleach and hosing and smelly and we were up hill from some other harm no foul ,no one got hurt . Back to the floor , holding tank 1/2 empty or full . Fridman is on the case. We had to open windows and light candles . The photos document his work , on a 3 show day ! Fortunately we had other potty options and the toilet and sub floor were back in place by the third show . Marshall and I only had to go to the hardware store twice and kind of hated each other for a few minutes. I was definitely a bitch on wheels . Fridman did a great job as always .