my favorite exercise thing to do is hot yoga..we are in an area where I get to do this very thing..

Today is Easter Sunday , on Kelly Miller Circus that means a few things. First it is Easter , the entire show goes out to eat !! THANK YOU !! We went to this great Chinese buffet and there were oysters and sushi and  all kinds of tasty heaven . On Christmas day The Jewish people ( which I am ) like to go for Chinese food I think it was neat that we went to this buffet ( because I missed the Chinese food on Christmas day ) .The second BIG Kelly Miller activity is the Easter Bonnet CONTEST !! Very competitive !! I came in second in the comedy department , I was going for beautiful.. Fresia and I began our artistry around 9.30 this morning except for last night she modpodged with glitter some Matzos for my bonnet . After our Easter fun , We went back to the trailer , I drank some espresso and then did 90 minutes of hot yoga at Sunstone Yoga . The third big deal is it is a DAY OFF !! Actually I am so self absorbed that I forgot that the first thing that happens is the wonderful Easter Egg Hunt !!  very fun ..I was lying in bed at the time but I heard it was a success !!