when we go to the next town we call it a jump , makes it seem so quick and simple

Sunday we had a biggish drive . When we arrived at the lot our "space" was occupied with vehicles . It took a while to get people to take their vehicles and this lone pick up remained . Finally some barefoot guy is small shiny shorts stumbled over to his pick up , apologized and sheepishly drove away .Beyond our lot had been a cook off and our lot had been a parking lot.. His truck almost became part of the seating..

These 5:30 calls are killing me ,.. after 6 weeks of sleeping and mostly driving small amounts , as we were cradled in the bosom of the Rio Grande Valley with the warmth , dirt and multiple multiple day stands, with late shows , the smooth life is over . We are finally back to "normal" ..we finish the shows at 9:30 on weekdays and 7 ishess on weekends . We get up EARLY and drive ..and feel punch drunk and cranky till we get our nappy ..Today was only 62 miles it seemed to take forever , almost two hours !!
A bunch of people decided to go south on the highway at the exit instead of following the route after getting off at the exit they pulled a u turn and went south on the highway ..lemmings .They BLEW THE ARROWS . Usually when people blow the arrows, they blame someone else. I say EMBRACE the fact that you BLEW THE ARROWS..We always get all cranky pants when we are called out on our odd little journeys..I have blown arrows and gotten lost..I admit it..but not today