living in the elements

I took a poll amongst my circus ( is not just a job it is a way of life) friends. I asked about 15 people what was their least favorite or maybe what would they pick 1) mud or 2) dirt with optional bonus high winds . The thing about dirt with any wind at all is, it covers everything, your teeth get crunchy , your skin dries and cracks , you start wearing heavy night time face cream during the day and using baby ass balm on your hands and oiling your skin and wearing gloves to do dishes , your costumes make your dry skin crack ,when it gets really cold , your fingertips and the corners of your mouth crack and bleed ,you blow your nose and it is creepy and weird, you don't realize how dehydrated you are getting ..and the sweeping never no one laughs about the dirt .. The thing about mud..well mud is funny. People lose whole shoes in the mud. sometimes you wipe out in the mud and still get to do your act, looking all lunatic like .Once you have navigated to your destination on foot in the always is comical . People get together backstage or at the cookhouse or at the office and people laugh ( at each other). Mud is slapstick and it brings out the best in us. Dirt/sand with high winds is not funny . Sure getting stuck in the mud stinks but having your air conditioner croak because it sucked in some dirt and sand is expensive.If you have ever REALLY trooped on a circus in the elements you get how tough the weather can be . Lots of dirt in the air causes respiratory issues,. headaches..sinus bullshit..sore throats..tomorrow is a city park..maybe some grass to park on. . In conclusion most people picked dirt with wind over mud !! I must have asked the wrong people .