Saturday April 19, 2009

geez louise how much more of these low buildings can I take !!!what do they expect me to pull out of a hat today.. I will attempt to swing..just cuz..very frustrating ..yesterday was high enough to do a 2.5 on the silks..so fab..the people love that.it was sooo fast.after you do that trick- cute and charming wins the race.. I didn't even have to point my feet..I had so much fun..

After the show we had b-day fun for Dallas..there was alcohol, guacomole and dulce le leche cake that must have weighed 50 lbs. They begged me to try a shot drink thing "a jagger bomb" what a kiddy drink. gross tooo sweet..a gin martini or a real glass of wine anyday. I consume good grownup things.I can be such an ass, it's just that I am old and can't handle sweetness

If we don't travel tonight I am making oxtail soup ,finishing my new trapeze and chomping down on my new mouthpiece leather.