April was not supposed to be cruel

Wednesday April 29, 2009

Dear Diary,
I feel like Harriet the Spy when she lost her journal and her friends read it and she hurt their feelings.Feelings are not things you can touch with your hands, but they can be damaged by your actions and your words.Honesty is the best policy but some fleeting insensitive thoughts should be contained in ones mind until they evaporate.Your friends and friendships are important, you want to be supportive and kind, not cruel or hurtful.
Telling people when they piss you off is good.Having people tell you why they are hot at you is even better. We are all going to die and the last thing I want to be remembered as is an asshole.

We have been doing this tour for about 104 days.Today the building was up, down and around this muddy "road".I usually park last ,being non show equipment or animal. I got thru the mud ,pulled out of the way,or so I thought,per usual "I was in the way". I am a bad mind reader, I need to work on my mind reading skills.

The people I troop with are gladiators, artists, human beings. This ain't no candy ass tour and they rise to the challenge every day 2 times a day.

Low building wrapped cables on cross beams.I think I can swing, I'll give it a go.