Monday April 27, 2009

Today John Frazier came to visit. I went down memory lane on how great the circus used to be. A live band for one thing.Lot's of animals ,lots of everything.I have known John since 1987 we have worked on many shows.Marshall has known him for longer. He is a showman.He has forgotten more things about showbiz than many know.He has been at the top, the bottom ,in between and the top again.He was the show guy that you could always go to on a show.He helped us fix things, we helped him any way we could.I cry when I think of the past how things were. How things change, how life goes on.

He made me a new ring mat.

I finished my trapeze. It feels strange.It'll do pig, it'll do.

Juliet is working on her 1 arm handstand.

John John Walker helped me set up today. I let him have a turn on the big ladder.
However I tore down by myself.

I have done something horrible and some people are not talking to me. I wonder what I have done.

I am just trying to do great...........