tuck and roll

it is Wednesday night wine time............
well my buddy Joe S aka the toy man asked me r.e. the truck.. I ranted maybe cried and he listened..that is a friend.
Fe and E will tow the Scythian one mo time soo I asked Lucho if he would help me hook up the truck .. he totally hooked it up for me.. that is a friend.
Last night Dallas came over and tweezed my brows that is a friend.
Tours like this bring out the generosity and the selfishness of everyone

The building guy was creepily helping me and following me around.. oooo nasty..lock trailer !!!

sooo today first show. I was a little too enthusiastic with my final drop..I did a forward roll into a straddle..The toy man said I hit my head and then my easter keg(bootie) but .5" from the ground I did a forward roll..tuck and roll so my finished position was sittin on my tush legs in a straddle going TADA, I mean Ta f-ing Da!!
and I thank the man for the amazing very thick carpet we have! what great padding.