sawdust and spangles and dreams

Thursday ALL READY April 30, 2009

Wow time flies when you are having ,fun?

Today was a very long ass drive. Lowish building and ,bonus!! there is sawdust!!!! oh thrill ,oh joy, oh rapture

When you are in Texas you need mosquito repellent, 7 dust ,cowgirl boots, a whip, a gun and you gotta love amazing tex mex eatin'. yee ha giddy up. DQ is even texmex.Once I got pineapple empanadas at a McD's
oh yes and sun block cause I ain't wearin no hat..can't do it- well maybe if I had a horse and a ranch. I do have boots and a big truck, I am halfway there.

Went foraging for above items, The Toy Man needed to stock up on everything so he rode shotgun. We hit the H.E.B, Bells and DQ.

Rigging was a breeze, same as yesterday cables on a beam thing. When I was moving the ladder it sort of slipped off the beam. Popcorn John came to the rescue. We almost dropped the ladder! I screamed like a girl.

The ants are fierce. It is hot humid dripping outside. Mosquitoes mean it, they bite thru black clothing. I am afraid of Swine Flu. I am afraid I will be trapped in Texas.