a barn with dirt

Thursday April 23, 2009

Toto , I don't think we are in Kansas anymore....

After much hysteria and finally talking to the general manager of my Ford Dealer, that's Sarasota Ford ..Fidelity is covering the job !!!!! Including loaner $3000.00

Yaya yayayayayayayayayaayaayayay!!!yee ha giddyup!
Fuengirola here I come!!!

Today a barn with a dirt floor. The irony is I must wash my golden tresses..hmm that's why some people wear wigs.You can have icky hair and cover it with a beautiful wig. However nothing looks worse than a wig doing a pirouette off your head while performing.

Black Beauty will be finished tonight!!

After the show I drive and get her and drop off the rental. A 320 mile journey . I suspect I will be sleeping in a vehicle tonight.

on second thought

Fe suggested I drive to the dealer tonight, sleep there and she and E will take my truck for me early tomorrow to the next town. sooooooooooo all I have to do is drive 160 miles tonight, sleep in my truck (which is very glamourous) and when I wake up tomorrow drive to the new town. That makes sense. That way I don't have to drive till 3 or 4 am tonight..Maybe I will get a hotel even!! now that is glamourous

low buiding,barn ,hot, hot ,hot...spansets