a sad day

Friday March 17, 2009

Tim Holst died in Brazil yesterday
In 1987 Tim Holst ,talent scout for Ringling, gave me a ride from Bunni Bartok's house in Sarasota to Tampa to audition for RBBB. The audition was awesome. The dance captain taught me the choreography for both shows. We had a great day. Unfortunately the show that needed dancers had stopped doing the amazing aerial ballet( a lot of women on web in the air) and that is what I lived for. I had to say, "no thank you" to Tim and Charley . I went on to a small show where I danced, did a little choreography, practiced trapeze, ended up on an ice show for the same company and performed my trapeze in December 1987.

I saw Tim somewhere every year and he remembered me and was charming.

He will be missed by many. Many of us have a story of Tim.