Black Beauty is in Surgery

Wednesday April 22, 2009

Fortunately Black Beauty is in surgery.
Unfortunately the warranty company is declining the claim.
Fortunately she will be better tomorrow.
Unfortunately it is the money I was hoping to spend going to Fuengirola to see some bullfighting, the money that I only have 1/3 of.
On days like today I get a little hysterical and my dear diary if it wasn't for you I would really be alone.
The other day I said to Dallas and Delilah "I am rather pathetic I have my laptop and my wine" of course they tried to top me.. but my life sucks the most.......
I wonder why I am doing trapeze and fabric and hanging by my teeth.
A) it is extremely wonderful and satisfying
B) the rigging stuff is hard, dangerous, challenging
C)I feel like the greenbacks go to the auto industry
D) I am over being without my little family, when I look at Fresia's sweet face everything makes sense.However I have not seen her little face since January 14

Anyhoo I called my Ford people and said "Hey they said I had the silver policy but you said I had the gold" Fidelity said, " have your Ford call us and they can tell us what you have" maybe good will triumph over evil

I am waiting waiting waiting for what? I am waiting for Godot

Rigging today span sets, shackles etc. double ladder, nicely done..slightly gaffed trapeze BUT I am off the ground.

It is amazingly hot and there is green and blooming buds of life around me.

My very good friends got happily ever after for L & H

I am making a tutu for the Clown