Meg's charmed life

Monday April 13, 2009

Yesterday was off, because it was Easter Sunday. Meg and her daughter, Aerial my very good friends came to the show on Saturday.They had been up since 4am and had just flown in from Quebec and then drove 140 miles, watched the show ,ate circus food AND helped me tear down !! Extremely good friends! I would do the same for them. After the show I hightailed it to their splendid house, for 36 hours I had an amazing jam packed time.Sauna, jacuzzi, fire pit, wine time, sitting with these hot bean bag things on my sore parts,doing Easter Sunday with their very large, talented and complex family . Meg has 7 sisters and 1 brother.We watched the kids hunt for eggs on this amazing path, ate quiche and potato things and ham and deserts and this cool layered jello thing and drank savignon blanc.
Meg and I have been friends since April 1986, we met at Bob Snowden's Shrine Circus in Manchester, NH. We started training, eating popcorn, drinking wine, and have been great friends ever since. She has a charmed life I have decided. She works her ass off and makes her spaces amazing.We always inspire each other.She is married to the funniest guy in showbiz.

This morning I woke up did a kick ass jacuzzi and drove 90 miles to a pretty easy set up. This building is a little higher so I can swing..yay yay yay