brick room yoga

Tuesday April 28, 2009

Today was more normal. Sometimes you just have to tell people you love them. Sometimes you just have to say. You can be mad at me, I don't care but I still love you and you are my friend.
I hate conflict. Someone thinks I am on the ear-y, what the f ever, everyone is on the ear-y.Everyone gossips..Especially males

Today we were at "Sarasota West" i.e Kaufman ,TX .Actually Hugo, OK is kind of Sarasota West.There were bunches of circusy type people.Jr. and galpal were here.I saw friends it was sweet.

We performed in a low armory. I have mastered swinging on a 7 foot trapeze, once I did it on a 6 foot trapeze. Anyways I like performing in front of performers it is like a test.

Black beauty got a bath.. I ate smoked oysters. Had a good feeling about everything...sigh