Friday March 25, 2009
Last night I drove to a bed n breakfast .It was a big house with beautiful rooms.
I woke up, got Black Beauty , drove to the lot , set up on angled beams a little crooked. The man had assembled the ladder of death.
I got a text from my great friends Natalie , Casey, Georgia and new baby Genevieve they were on their way en route to the mighty KM circus. I cut up watermelon ,made black spaghetti and shrimp.Knowing they were coming totally revived me. We had an excellent visit.We told stories, some of us drank alcoholic beverages. I held the beautiful baby girl Genevieve. Casey and I made a prank call to a famous tiger trainer. Casey single handidly moved the ladder of death ,he was kind of my balloon assistant and helped me hook up. Natalie is amazing , she had a baby on Sunday and is driving back to the show 5 days later. I got to see their tigers. I admired their trailer.We told stories and reminisced
In conclusion a good time was had by all.