Captains log

Wednesday February 11, 2009,
We are in a very small, kind of junky town!!So small that the two stores I went in did not have lithium batteries !!!!
I knew I should have stopped at that huge mecca of a shopping paradise!!
I saw a Meijer, pronounced Meyer, I like to say Myger, that is entertaining for me.
Anywho Meijer is a great place to shop, food clothes, eye doctor sometimes, banks..maybe even a gynecologist..The ultimate one stop shopping.It is an Ohio,Michigan store.
Here in the town du jour we have IGA (igga) and Do it Best..Family Dollar..slim pickins...I might have to unhook..BECAUSE today the ceiling is 15-3".We are talking the last resort..I believe I will use my swing set..groan or yay..I got to take pix!!!
The hardware store where I bought some new gloves gave me samples of Udderly Smooth Udder Cream!! It has a pain go away element and lanolin in it and made my hands feel great !!!I guess it is udderly that was predictable.
Yesterday the shows went well, the public really dug the show.Maybe they don't get out much,maybe it is entertaining,maybe it is just right for the little venues and towns.Not too long,not too smelly,not too loud.I do wish we had some big cool animals and a live band ! ha