a new low

more from Feb 16, 2009
I am using my short building trapeze with royal blue polypropylene extensions .A picture is in order, tomorrow dear diary ..tonight I am a sewing fiend..I can't believe I am working on this jacked up thing of a trapeze...I got myself into a tizzy in my tiny brain backstage..After the show when people came up and told me how amazing,I was ..I was sure they were on crack or deranged..I was gracious and said ,"thank you ,you are very kind", I am thinking,"but I am an idiot and I suck!"
The good news is Delilah made gyoza and I got some delivered to my trailer!
On food another cupcake party at the concession stand !! I have been fired as cupcake shopper(actually I quit) .I just ate the frosting and threw my cupcake in the trash, the diet thing..