Form follows function

Thursday February 19, 2009
A great architect Louis Sullivan(kind of the inventor of the skyscraper said ,"form follows function".It is so true, that is how I dress "functionally "..layer and then layer some more..some times I do look kind of wild which is why I am keeping my clothing purchases away from reds, purples ,oranges and bright greens.
The reason for all these clothes, it is most windy and freezing, the wind hurts your face.Today we had some snow , a light dusting. The snow curled like tendrils of white fog and turned into ice on the highway!! It looked like bumper cars gone amok going eastbound!Fortunately I was going west! Unfortunately a show truck broke down.Fortunately the rest of us are here and the show is partially set up.Fortunately we have power. Unfortunately my water pump froze.Fortunately we had a candy bar sharing party during the partial set up.Fortunately I made amazing beef soup NOT STEW with a clear broth.Unfortunately this agent keeps calling me wanting his %,he didn't get me this contract or a raise, so I owe him for what ?????Very fortunately I performed what I practiced last night.Unfortunately the building is too low for my coolest drop on silk.Fortunately that is good because maybe I need a major massage because I could be a teensy bit sore.