field trip

Tuesday February 24, 2009
Today I took a field trip to the Ford dealer to get a cable put on my block heater.
My truck came with a block heater but no cable.The block heater has something to do with keeping the engine oil a liquid or something.I need to plug it in so my engine and oil will stay snuggly and warm. When I got to the Ford Dealer I realised I was starving to death so I walked to Starbucks and got some spinach/feta wrap.I do not recommend this $3.25 food thing tastes just as crappy and plastic as the Dunkin Donut "wrap".Starbucks has a copyright law, no photography in the store. I am very selective about which laws I will break, so I went outside and took a picture of my water.
On my way here I saw a very cool icicle of growing out of the ground.My tribute to patterns in nature and art imitating life.