the f-ing clown

Thursday February 12, 2009
On this show we have a beautiful stainless steel water tree.We all hook up hoses and have water almost all the time ! Except for today because "the f-ing clown decided to use his hoses instead of show hoses and then unhook the water before the after show shower!! the nerve!! and then he does the ,"I don't understand you deal"..please
We rocked in this town!! it was very good!! The space was so great ! I love a dark theatrical..
and impossible to photograph esp with "work lights " on.
Delilah suggested I wear a wig ,kind of well she said she has this really cool strawberry blond braided wig thing that would look excellent with my hair..I am not a wig person.I pride myself on my locks.I used to wear hairpieces till one came off in a spin..comedy..I wouldn't mind trying a wig but I hate the way wigs don't flow like real hair..I am all about fake, but some things need to be natural and I dig flowing hair..If I was a tada girl in a magic act or rode elephants or was an announcer I might try it but for my aerial stuff ..I don't know...
Dallas had her new very cool australian Shepard do a new trick in her all mutt so damn cool dog act!! She is a happy camper !
Cool quotes from undisclosed sources on this show
"where's my cup", "smell my ass ","your ass"," I saw you blow the turn","wellllllll?","arrrr,brrrrrrr","the toy man is a building man" ,gOD! dammmmm It","ya nummy","jahhhhh" ,"whaddya goofy?","SALTINES!!!"