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Saturday February 14, 2009
A friend of mine on the show and myself were being all ba humbug about this holiday."It is a holiday for florists!" she said and "chocolate companies", I said.
marshall is home and her beau is elsewhere.. and why are people sending me "happy valentine" texts and emails?Do they want to be my lover? It is for little children and lovers ! not casual friends.
I have a leaky septic tank.I can usually keep it under control BUT last week when we were freeeeezzzzing I did not screw the cover on very well.I didn't know this because everything was frozen.I guess it melted when I was sleeping,because all of a sudden it was empty! I have committed a nasty crime somewhere ..but I didn't know I did it ,till the deed was done?
Is it crime when you finally sell the white and yellow balloons that have been blown up a few times?
Are you less of an artist if you do concessions and your acts?I like that extra scratch.Scratch is good.
I will boycott Walmart to the best of my ability.I was in charge of cupcakes.I bought them at Walmart and they taste like plastic.AND the cashier was a jaggette.
So I am performing my fabric act the first show and it is a low building and some town sucker is videoing me! I am thinking ,"freaking excellent..low building can't do big tricks..please don't post this on any web site.At least I was wearing the reddist lipstick in the world..