the windy city

Friday February 27, 2009
Today a bunch of women from the show went to Chicago, it was very windy and cold. It was great to look at the Louis Sullivan type archictecture.
We walked by the Old Medina Shrine Temple which is now a Bloomingdales.I believe that was my first shrine date in 1990.It was 17 or 18 days long or maybe 3 weeks..WOW , there is nothing like that now.I mean one date for almost a month. We parked on Navy Pier and it was chilly!!
Of course we got stuck in a little traffic,but made it back just in time for the shows.
I felt very bionic performing, it was amazing.I try not to act like I am having too much fun working because that is creepy and weird, I really can't stomach watching people who look like ,"this is sooo great whee I am having so much fun". I also try and do my best "Cher" smile cuz otherwise I look creepy and weird!!
My water is still frozen in the trailer so I have to heat up water on the stove for bathing and dishes. Personally too camping out for me.
I am totally addicted to tea. I drink all kinds of tea all day long. My favorite is Japanese green tea.
We are experiening a "2 day stand " sheer luxury..I will sleep till I wake up!