My rules

Wednesday February 11, 2009

I believe if you are a performer you never say things like, "I am so out of shape"
how weak and pathetic! I read this on this "first of may type " blog.How dare someone say they are a physical performer that gets paid and admits being weak!! What a joke!!
Desire eats hot fries and drinks coca cola!! so tasty ..anyways keeps her trim and happy(but maybe not very nutritious)
Today Desi put wings on the ponies..and she wears wings..darling
Town had a blackout,high winds (60 mph) and tornado sirens..good times ???
State of emergency..again!!!
A great snack ..artichoke hearts in water!! fat free ,low cal and some nutritional goodies and most important oishi!!(that means tasty in Japanese)
Bohemian Highway- Cabernet Savignon ,an excellent wine,easy on the wallet!!)