The Horrors of it all

Tuesday February 10, 2009
Camera batteries depleted!No new pictures sniff sniff. I don't want to unhook today and drive to town.I want to set up , take a nap, sew my little heart out and then get the trailer to 1,000 f and do some hottie yoga. If I ever open up a yoga studio that is what I will call it "hottie Yoga", Kind of tongue in cheek.A circus date I sometimes do is the Evansviile Shrine Circus aka The "Hadi" Shrine Circus.In the dressing room a couple of years ago ,I said ,"hey ,we are the hottie shrine circus!we all peed our pants laughing ! and some of us call each other "circus hotties".
sooooooooooo hot hottie hadi yoga,,ha ha ha. If it wasn't for me entertaining myself I would have to buy a tv!
Foody note.Honeycrisp apples are my new favorite apple.